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NanaGram Coronavirus Status

NanaGram is still operating during the COVID-19 outbreak. As things change, we'll update this page and send you an email if you're a customer.

Can the virus live on printed photos?

Since most NanaGram deliveries take just over a week to arrive, it's unlikely your photos will be a source of the virus. However, out of abundance of caution, we advise elderly recipients to quarantine mail for 24 hours as it's been shown the virus can survive for 24 hours on cardboard. (And, possibly the outside of an envelope as it makes its way through the mail system.)

What happens if all your labs are shut down?

In the event we're unable to send your photos, your account will automatically be paused and you won't be charged. In addition, we plan to continue operating the service as long as possible using our own fulfillment at NanaGram HQ.

Sending photos to loved ones in the USA

Labs are open Monday through Thursday with delivery in 9-11 days.

  • We partner with a network of professional photo labs around the USA for the majority of our fulfillment.
  • Labs are closed Fridays for deep cleaning on the weekends.
  • Labs are opearting on reduced shifts to allow time for daily deep cleanings.
  • While our labs are partially automated, there is some amount of manual handling. For example, stacks of photos are inserted into envelopes manually.
  • All lab staff wear gloves when handling photos and envelopes.
  • Since our network is distributed, even in the event a lab in the New York area (as an example) is shut down, there will likely be another lab open in a less affected area to deliver nationwide.
  • Delivery time is 9-11 days, increased from our normal 7-9 days.

Sending photos to loved ones in the UK

Labs are open Mon-Fri with delivery in a few days.

  • Our UK partner network functions the same as our USA network.
  • Labs are opearting on reduced shifts to allow time for daily deep cleanings.

All other destinations + photo album orders

  • Photos going to all other countries outside the USA and UK are printed at NanaGram HQ based in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • If you order a photo album, it will also dispatch from NanaGram HQ.
  • Your photos are printed and packed by NanaGram's founder, Alex Cook.
  • I have been in isolation since March 15th.
  • I am showing no symptoms.
  • My last grocery trip was on March 23rd with no planned grocery trips until May 1st.
  • I am printing and packing photos Monday-Friday.
  • My entire work area is disinfected daily.
  • I wear gloves when printing and packing photos.
  • My lovely wife Katie beautifully wraps all photo album orders. She's also shown no symptoms and we're in total isolation with our puppy, Yoda.
  • Since we use First Class and Priority mail with delivery in some cases in 1-3 days, as an extra precaution, we are quarantining all orders for 24 hours before dropping off at our local post office.
A woman on a couch wrappnig photo albums with a dog laying on the floor

Katie and Yoda wrapping photo albums (before the Coronavirus outbreak).