5 Awesome Amazon Father’s Day Gifts

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Amazon is a pretty much modern miracle. Maybe it was created specifically to make you a Father’s Day hero? In a few clicks, you can buy pretty much anything under the sun for father’s day and have it delivered in 2 days. Or pay an extra $4 and have it overnighted. Pretty soon they’ll start delivering our father’s day gifts by drone! Here are a few of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas from Amazon, from new dads and great grandpas.

Not enough time to wait for an Amazon delivery? Check out our (truly) last-minute gift ideas you can buy locally.

1. The Dad Mug

It seems like a requirement that every dad has one. Amazon offers hundreds of dad mugs and grandpa mugs. Here are some of our favorites.

Mugs for new dads

New dad in your life? Check out our ideas on 7 gift ideas for a 1st Father’s Day.

Dad mugs for every dad

Mugs Grandpa will Love

Also check out our guide on gift ideas for dads and grandpas 60 and older.

2. A Dad or Grandpa Picture Frame

Hunt down the best photo of you and dad, have it printed at your local 1-hour Walgreens Photo Lab, insert it into one of these photo frames and you’re good to go! (Or if you have time, get your photos printed from Amazon Prints.) Amazon has seemingly endless frames for dads young and old. Here are a few of our favorites.

Is it Dad’s first father’s day? Love this frame for $17.50! (Also check out our guide on gift ideas for daddy’s first Father’s Day.)

This Daddy & Me frame for $12.99 is great for dads with younger kids.

For dads from daughters. $11.60 on Amazon.

Picture frame featuring a dad and his young daughter on a boat reading "Daddy's Girl."

For the grandpas in your life, this is just adorable. $19.95 on Amazon.

3. NanaGram

Technically this isn’t an Amazon gift, but it goes so well with a dad photo frame (or even without) that we had to mention it: NanaGram.

Every month, NanaGram helps you mail fresh printed photos to your dad, grandpa or great grandpa. All you have to do is text your photos. We handle the printing, packing and shipping.

Even though we’re called NanaGram, our service is perfect for grandfathers, too! Listen to this happy voicemail from a NanaGrandpa.

Plans start at just $6.99 per month. Sign up for NanaGram. If you’re in a rush, buy a NanaGram gift card and set up your account later.

4. The Classic Dad Grilling Apron

It’s that time of year being June and all and in backyards everywhere dads are lighting up the grill. Depending on your family, dad and grandpa (or even great grandpa) may fight over the title of grill master. Just make it a rule that whoever gets the apron on first wins!

Black apron reading in yellow text "STAND BACK" and then in red text "DAD" with a chef hat on the first D in DAD, then below that "Is Cooking!" All of the yellow text appears to be on fire.
Stand back
Is Cooking!
$16.99 on Prime
Man wearing an apron reading "The Grillfather" using the style of the movie "The Godfather."
The Grillfather ?
$17.32 + shipping
Not on Prime but too awesome not to mention…
Man in a maroon shirt wearing a blue denim apron with tan straps, holding a grilling tool. Phone in upper left breast pocket.
While it isn’t dad-themed, this sweet denim apron is one to consider. It’ll have your dad or grandpa looking stylish and even has a smartphone pocket. $20.99 on Amazon.

5. Portable Fishing Rod + Go Fishing with Him

Not every dad likes fishing, but given it’s one of the great American past times, we had to mention it. Fishing is one of the best ways to get out into nature. Nature is scientifically proven to lift your mood. Get dad a new rod and take him fishing!

New advancements in fishing tech have ushered in new, solidly crafted fold-up fishing rods. This Sougayilang 2.4 meter (7.8 ft) rod for $45.38 is an outstanding value, including with it braided line and a few lures. Being foldable, it has the added bonus of being travel friendly for those dads who never stop fishing.

You can’t go wrong with a portable fishing rod.

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