Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

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Cozy ☺️ Yummy ? & Sentimental ?

Grandparents are notoriously hard to shop for, so we’ve focused our guide on practical ideas nearly every grandparent will love. Our ideas are centered on a few themes: Cozy, yummy, and sentimental. You can also check out of our photo-themed gift ideas for grandparents.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. As the holiday approaches, days are shorter and colder (for those of us who live in New England, at least!) and it’s easy to spend more time cooped up at home. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for some grandparents, Christmas is one of their favorite moments of winter. They get to spend extra time with their grandkids!

Here’s our guide on the best Christmas gifts for grandparents.

3 Cozy Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents☺️

1. Slippers

Seriously, who doesn’t love a great pair of slippers?! They’re perfect for those long, just-go-with-it mornings with grandma and grandpa.

Slippers are the kind of thing people keep for WAY too long. Go ahead and get some soft, luxurious new slippers for your grandparent before their old ones start growing moss inside.

Slippers Grandpa will Love

Amazon sells a trusty pair of IZOD slippers for $23.98. They come in 5 different colors and they’re eligible for free returns.

A brown moccasin-style men's slipper with a sherpa interior and rubber bottom.
These classic, rubber-bottom IZOD slippers has so much style that they’ll probably be stolen by grandpa’s kids and grandkids every once and a while.

LL Bean is one of the most trusted boot makers in the world, so it stands to reason their slippers are just as amazing. Sure, they’re a bit pricier than an entry-level IZOD slipper from Amazon but if you’re feeling like going all-in on slippers for Grandpa, LL Bean is probably the way to go.

They offer a wide variety of styles ranging from about $40 to over $100.

A tan moccasin-style men's slipper with a super soft sherpa interior, rubber bottom, and leather laces.
Wicked Good Moccasins! Seriously, just look at that fluff. OMG. $79 from LL Bean.

Slippers Grandma will Love

One of the top-rated slippers on Amazon is the Comfort Slip from HomeTop and they’re loved by hundreds of customers. Priced starting at just $14.99, they come in 7 colors and 4 sizes. They’re such a great value that you could get a robe to go with it!

A cozy, slip-on women's slipper in grey with black rubber bottoms.
Give me red wine, chocolate chip cookies, and a pair of these. I don’t care if they’re women’s slippers. So luxurious!

LL Bean makes cat slippers for women, but not men. C’mon LL Bean! Grandpas love cats too. But seriously, like all of their women’s slippers, these LL Bean cat slippers make for an amazing Christmas gift for your nana.

Cute women's cat slippers in red with a black cat spanning both slippers and cream sherpa lining.

2. Bathrobes

Bathrobes are awesome no matter what climate you live in. As we age, our bodies have a tougher time keeping in heat. Wrapping oneself in a soft bathrobe after hopping out of the shower is a simple act that’s guaranteed to bring your grandparent joy each day, especially in winter.

Pro tip: When looking on Amazon, be sure to use FakeSpot to make sure the product you’re interested in doesn’t have fake reviews. (For whatever reason, bathrobes are particularly inundated with fake reviews.)

Bathrobes grandpa will love

This U2SKIIN bathrobe starts at just $19.99 and with a B rating on FakeSpot (4 stars on Amazon), it’s a great option. Plus, Papa is guaranteed to look like a Jedi if you go with black.

Man in a black bathrobe with a hood.
Lookin’ good, Papa. Lookin’ good.

On the higher end are, you guessed it: LL Bean bathrobes. Just look at this thing. It’s like wrapping grandpa in blue cumulonimbus’es. $79.99 from LL Bean.

Bathrobes your grandmother will love

At just $17, this women’s robe from Amazon is tough to beat. Some colors are as low as $12. It has over 1,000 reviews an an A-rating on Fakespot.

Woman in a black robe.
Granny will be lookin’ fly in her new robe.

LL Bean is holding out on grandpa. While they only offer one robe for guys, they have a huge array of robes for women. The customer favorite? This striped robe for $84.00.

Woman smiling in a striped bathrobe.
Get nana an elf hat and she’ll be good to go!

3. A photo blanket

Now your nana can watch her favorite TV shows, stay warm, and brag about her grandkids all at once!

Seize your spot as the favorite by putting your face on a photo blanket. Amazon offers a 31″ x 37″ Lambs Wool photo blanket where you can upload any photo. Print yourself, your family, or even your dog on a photo blanket. Turnaround time is 6-10 days.

Photo of several photo blankets for grandparents.
Get super creative by uploading any photo you want.

3 Yummy Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents?

1. Butcher Box

Butcher Box is the best meat delivery box on the internet. They source all of their meats from sustainable and humane sources. They offer beef, pork, and chicken.

What better way to spend a day with your grandparents than some low-and-slow BBQ or seared steaks? Boxes start at $149.

Photo of delicious BBQ ribs slathered in BBQ sauce.
You’re one bite away from being the favorite grandkid…

2. Plated Meal Box

What better way to spend time with a grandparent than cooking and enjoying a meal together?

There are seemingly countless meal-in-a-box services out there. We’ve tried at least 10 of them and Plated is by far and away the winner. Their ingredients, instructions, freshness, and pricing are just killer. Plus, you can choose a box based on the number of people you plan to feed.

Photo of someone holding a recipe card.
Plated FTW!

3. Edible Arrangement

Edible arrangements are just as beautiful as flowers yet your grands can eat them. Plus, they’re healthy too! Consider having an Edible Arrangement delivered to your grandparent a few days before Christmas. You’ll get all the brownie points on Christmas day that way.

Photo of an edible arrangement Christmas sleigh with a balloon and stuffed reindeer.
Chances are nana will share some with you if you visit, if you’re good.

3 Sentimental Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

1. LovePop cards

Lovepop makes incredible, beautiful pop-up cards. They even have a Christmas line. If they haven’t seen one before, a Lovepop is pretty much guaranteed to blow your grandparent’s mind. Sure, it’s a card that technically should go with a gift, but in our opinion LovePops could be gifts all on their own. Heck, maybe buy a half dozen and gift a LovePop a month in the mail to your grands until Christmas in July.

Photo of several Lovepop Christmas cards.
LovePop’s “12 days of Christmas” pack for your Christmas-obsessed grandparent.

2. Reprint their wedding album

Pretty much every wedding before 1999 didn’t use a digital camera, so chances are your grandparent’s wedding album is the only copy in existence. Consider carefully scanning in their photo album and having it reprinted into a photo book. We love the folks at ZNO for high-quality albums at fair prices.

My grandparents in their wedding limo with confetti.
My grandparents, lookin’ like movie stars.

3. NanaGram

We had to save the best for last! ?

NanaGram is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving all year. Text or email us your photos and we’ll print, pack and mail 4×6 printed photos to your grandparents every month. Plans start at $6.99 for 5 photos and $9.99 for 10 photos. Plus, if you buy an annual plan we’ll give you 1 month free (starting at $76.99 per year).

Grandparents of all ages love NanaGram!

An adorable older woman with a cat sweatshirt, holding printed photos of her grandkids.
We guarantee they’ll love it or we’ll give you a full refund.

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