7 First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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By Alex Cook

A Dad’s first Father’s Day is kind of a big deal. Becoming a new dad is a pivotal moment in a man’s life. We’ve put together a list of practical and thoughtful gift ideas for the new daddy in your life.

Did new baby create newly promoted grandpas and great-grandpas? Check out our guide on great father’s day gift ideas for dads over 60.

Dad Grilling Apron

With grilling season finally upon us, the apron is a go-to gift. Etsy is one of our favorite places to buy items like these since they’re usually hand-crafted and independent makers.

This #DadLife apron for $36 adorable. There are also some awesome father+daughter and father+son matching sets on Etsy which will make for some adorable photo sessions. There are also some solid dad aprons on Amazon Prime, like this “Dad — The man, the myth, the legend” apron for $19.97.

Young dad in a t-shirt wearing a blue apron reading "#DADLIFE"

New Shades

If your new dad is anything like me, he already has sunglasses but there’s a good chance they’re a bit scuffed up.

These AO Aviators for $99 on Amazon are American-made and issued to US Military pilots. They’re pretty much what Raybans used to be — solid, a fair price, and stylish all-in-one. They’re sold in a wide variety of colors and lenses, like High Contrast Amber Polycarbon​ate which is perfect for those days where it’s right between sunny and cloudy.

Silver aviator sunglasses with brown/tan shades.
Looking good, dad!

NanaGram Subscription

A new dad typically means new grandfathers, grandmothers and maybe even great grandparents. Suddenly, on top of all of his new responsibilities, is being delightfully hassled by his loved ones for photos of the new baby.

NanaGram to the rescue. Our service helps you send printed photos in the mail to your loved ones. It’s perfect for busy new parents since all you need to do is text or email your photos and we handle the rest. Plans start at $6.99 for 5 photos or $9.99 for 10 photos. You can also ship your photos to multiple recipients. Annual plans are buy 10, get 1 month free — $76.99 for 5 photos every month for the year. It’s a delightful way for that special nana or papa in your life to watch their grand baby grow up.

Photo of a grandmother with purple dyed hair, holding photos of her grand daughter.
NanaGram! Awwww


It’s definitely not slipper season but who doesn’t love a new pair of comfy slippers? Plus, buying slippers in June has the added benefit of getting some great deals. You can’t go wrong with a pair of LL Bean slippers. Amazon is also a good place to buy slippers, but beware of fake reviews which seem rampant in the slipper category. Install Fakespot if you haven’t already. A solid choice for slippers on Amazon are these IZOD slippers for $23.98.

Fluffy LL Bean Slippers with a rubber bottom.
Give me a these slippers, a sleeping baby, and a good movie and life is GOOD!

Daddy Stories Book aka Green Book

Growing up, my parents had a notebook where they’d write down funny stories about us kids. It had a green cover on it and thus became known in the family as “the green book.”

This is a delightfully simple gift idea. It’s just a notebook in a color of your choosing. Our favorite notebook maker is Moleskin. They make a sturdy hard-cover notebook for just $13.99 on Amazon in black or $19.32 in green.

One of my favorite green book stories involves my brother Andy and I. We’d often play with legos and other toys under the dining room table. When I was 7 and Andy was 5, one day we were playing and something happened — a lego creation unexpectedly fell apart, probably. Andy yelled out, “Shoot!” and as my mom was in the kitchen she heard me respond with, “Don’t say shoot! Say shit!”

Green moleskin notebook with rubber strap to hold the book closed.
The green book is a wonderful, offline way for your new dad to log his best memories.

Framed hand print / foot print

They grow up so fast! This is a simple and beautiful DIY gift. Amazon sells an inexpensive baby-safe ink pad kit for just $5.99. A framed copy of your baby’s foot or hand print is a wonderful piece of art new dad can hang in his office, put on his desk, or by his bedside. Beautiful.

Green baby's foot with ink pad and several other example colors in black, blue, magenta, red, and brown.
So simple.

Photo session of mommy & baby

A photo or two of just mommy and baby on daddy’s desk or near his bedside is a beautiful way to send him daily love.

Send dad away for the day to make this one a true surprise. Many local photographers specialize in baby shoots and can be found with a simple Google search. You could also consider asking a friend to shoot for you. A few photos of new mom and baby is a beautiful way to cherish these moments of early dad-hood.

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