5 Sweet Gifts for New Grandparents

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Becoming a grandparent for the first time is a pinnacle life moment. Grandkids allow new grandparents to experience all of the joy of parenthood again, often with far less responsibility! ? We scoured the web and found some truly adorable new grandparent gifts.

1. Cookie jar

Grandparents are known for spoiling the grandkids. One of my favorite early childhood memories was visiting my grandparents and heading straight for the cookie jar.

Etsy has some truly adorable and customizable cookie jars. This maker offers a “Happiness is homemade” jar where you can place a customized message on the back for $29.99 plus shipping.

Cookie jar reading "Happiness is homemade" with red heart emojis for the dots on the i's and a cookie image decal below, using a fancy cursive font. On the right, the rear of the cookie jar pointing to a customizable message you can add to the back.
Guaranteed to bring grandparents and grandkids joy for years to come. $29.99 plus shipping on Etsy.

2. A house plant

A houseplant is an inexpensive gift that can bring your parents or in-laws joy for years to come (maybe even decades). My favorite is the classic jade plant. They’re easy to maintain and over time grow into beautiful tree-like structures. All you need is a sunny window, good soil, and water. For soil, mix 1/3 potting soil, 1/3 sand, and 1/3 rocks (jades like soil that drains easily). Grab a pot with holes for drainage. For watering, the key is to avoid overwatering. Only water when the soil is completely dry. Depending on your new grandparent’s climate, this is usually once every 10-12 days. It’s hard to under-water a jade plant. I’ve left mine unwatered for 6 weeks. Here’s an awesome 18″ potted jade plant on Etsy from an independent seller, starting at under $30.

At a distance? 1-800-flowers has some beautiful green plants that will bring beauty for years to come.

Want to take it to another level? Check out this sweet customized pot on Etsy for $30.95.

Potted plant with a bow on it and green plant. Text on the pot reads "i love you, grandma <3 hannah"
Lovely! ??

3. Photo album & NanaGram subscription

New grandparents naturally love to share the grandkid with family and friends with photos. Sure, they they can look at photos on a smart phone or computer screen, but there’s just something different about a printed photo.

A photo album on the coffee table is a beautiful gift that makes it easy for new grandma or grandpa to brag to everyone who comes over.

An inexpensive, yet elegant photo album is this cloth, 200-page photo album from Amazon. Chances are it comes in their favorite color. There’s a little window on the front where you can insert a hand-drawn cover or photo. This album is best for 4×6 prints.

This album is obviously makes for a more heartfelt gift with photos in it. You can print photos at a local 1-hour print like Walgreens, Walmart, or CVS or order prints from Amazon.

Take your album to the next level with monthly printed photos delivered to grandma or grandpa’s door with a NanaGram subscription. All you have to do is text or email your photos and every month we print, pack and ship your photos with love! (Read more about why NanaGram is the best photo book for grandparents and our guide on the best photo gifts for grandparents.)

Pink photo album, cloth covered with a small square window on the front displaying a black-and-white photo of a small flower.
Available on Amazon for less than $15
A happy NanaGram Grandmama!

4. The “promoted grandparent” mug

What a nice idea, going from dad to grandpa or mom to grandma by “promotion.” ?

My grandfather started his day with a daily routine, expressing gratitude for a new day and making breakfast for my grandmother. A coffee mug is a simple way to remind grandma or grandma of their newly promoted title!

Mugs for promoted grandpas

Mugs for promoted grandmas

5. Go practical with a car seat

If grandma and grandpa live nearby, a car seat makes a very practical gift. You’ll need one if grandma and grandpa want to go on adventures with your little peanut.

Car seat safety is extremely important. Taking a car seat in and out can lead to errors and improperly installed seats. Plus, uninstalling and reinstalling car seats is one of the most annoying new parent tasks! So get your new grandparent a car seat.

Pro tip: If you’re buying on Amazon, use Fakespot to check Amazon reviews as this category is rampant with fraudulent reviews.

This Baby Trend combo stroller and seat is a great value, A-rated Fakespot product for $151.99 on Amazon Prime. They also offer another similar product for under $115 with solid ratings.

If you’re looking for just the seat, this Safety First seat for under $100 is a great value (Rated B on Fakespot). On the higher end is this Chicco seat for just under $160 (Rated A on Fakespot).

Stroller with car seat combo. Stroller has two wheels on the front. Both have a shade.
Adventure time!

Extra idea: Lovepop card

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift, check out Lovepop. They have a huge variety of amazing pop-up cards. They’re pretty much guaranteed to wow, especially with a heartfelt message for new grandma or grandpa. Every time I give my mom a Lovepop, she displays it on her mantle above her fireplace for weeks!

Check out Lovepop’s grandparent collection and grandparent’s day collection.

Animated GIF of Lovepop card showing 3 yellow ducklings.
This ducklings card is so darn cute. ($13 on Lovepop or 5 for $50.)


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