How to Print from Google Photos

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By Alex Cook

NanaGram is the easiest way to send printed 4×6 photos to yourself or a loved one from Google Photos without having to drive to the store.

When NanaGram first launched, our tagline was:

Text your photos and we’ll mail 4×6 prints to your loved ones.

Within a year, customers asked us to add email support. We created unique email addresses for each account.

Sending photos to print is as simple as selecting the photos you want and pasting in your unique NanaGram email.

The Google Photos interface showing several black and white photos. Three of them are checked off. In the top is a menu, the share icon is circled in red for emphasis. There are other buttons: "+", a shopping cart, and trash can.
Step 1/2: Select your images and click the share icon in the top menu.
A sample NanaGram email address pasted into Google's sharing pop-up window.
Step 2/2: Paste in your NanaGram email and hit send!

Google Photos also offers a way to push your photos to a local CVS or Walmart, starting at $0.25 per print. However, if you want to mail your photos to a loved one, especially on a regular basis — driving to the store, paying for your photos, putting them in an envelope, addressing it and finding stamps isn’t worth the time and energy. NanaGram was created to automate all of this so you can spend your precious time doing other things like hanging out with your loved ones. 🥰