How a Redditor got close with a grandparent again by sending them mail

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By Alex Cook

Reddit is home to some of the best communities on the web. One of my favorite subreddits for this is /r/relationships.

Recently I stumbled on a comment someone left on Reddit since I use a tool called F5Bot to track whenever someone mentions NanaGram on Reddit or Hacker News.

Here’sthe comment:

I actually repaired my broken and one-sided relationship with grandparents because I started sending them greeting cards in mail. There was a lot of tension in my family resulting in my father not allowing me or my siblings to contact grandparents (mom’s side). It really affected mom, plus grandparents live bit far away in small mountain city so they couldn’t just visit us. However they kept sending us cards and pocket money every occasion despite not getting even a phonecall back. When I moved out at 18 I did some growing up and decided to at least try to mend this relationship. After all grandparents put an effort all those years meaning they care? I started to send them cards for bday, easter etc just like she does for me. Long story short I slowly became the most favorite grandkid and even my siblings/cousins copied my ways haha. Mom told me that the first time I sent grandparents a greeting card, grandma called her and cried from joy on the phone. It was a christmas card and she actually put it on display in their house like some expensive artwork. Not to brag but the cards I send are really nice, I either make them myself or get some high quality plus I always write small letter inside. Grandma keeps all of them on top of her cherished ‘all greeting cards I ever got’ box. My grandmom from dad’s side passed away recently and honestly grandparent death… really hits you. So I cherish all the days I am blessed to spend having two supportive grandparents by my side.

This was in response to the primary post about another Reddit user, based in India, who was feeling guilty about borrowing money from his grandparents.

I love this comment and thread for a few reasons. First of all, this fine young person took it upon themselves to repair a broken relationship with her grandparents, rising above the turmoil inside her family. She met their grandparents where they already were, through the mail, by just started with responses of their own in the mail (birthday cards, easter cards, etc). It’s beautiful to read about how her grandmother cried when she received the card and collects them all.

With seemingly so much negativity in the news (& internet), comments like these are a breath of fresh air.

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