How Many Forever Stamps on Absentee Ballot?

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By Alex Cook

A typical mail-in ballot needs just a single forever stamp, assuming your envelope is under 1 ounce and no bigger than 11.5” x 6+⅛”. Make sure to measure and weigh your envelope or play it safe and add an extra $0.15 postage for a second ounce.

I’m voting remotely this year due to Covid-19 to protect my immunocomprised family members. I currently live in Plymouth, Massachusetts (“America’s Hometown”). In Plymouth, our ballots are 10.5″ long and 6″ wide. Initially I was convinced I’d need extra postage but this is under the limit for a regular letter.

Photo of an envelope on top of a scale with a ruler above it. The envelope reads "Official election mail" and "State election ballot please forward immedietely RUSH", with the "to" address of the "City or Town Clerk or Election Commissioners, Town of Plymouth Town Clerk 26 Court St Plymouth MA 02360." The ruler above it is blue and reads "Weymouth Lumber Company" showing the envelope is 10.5" wide. In the upper right of the envelope is a blue and green stamp showing the earth which says "Earth Day." In the lower left of the image is a pink petunia flower on the countertop next to the envelope. The scale is red and reads 0.95 ounces with two buttons reading "ON/OFF TARE" and "UNIT." The return address of the envelope is blurred out.
My ballot for Plymouth MA 2020

Measure and weigh your envelope

Cities contract their own envelope makers so it’s best to play it safe and measure your envelope. If you don’t have a ruler, you can use a standard sheet of 8.5×11 computer paper to get a sense of the size of your envelope.

Most kitchen scales allow you to change the unit to an ounce. If you’re over an ounce, add $0.15 per each additional ounce. We put together this handy deep dive on how many stamps you’ll need.

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